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Superficial Unit

Treatment Information


Superficial Radiation Therapy Treatments

Superficial radiation therapy is a type of treatment with low energy radiation beam (x-ray) within the range of 50-150 kV (kilovoltage). Superficial therapy is a treatment option for skin cancers including basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or Kaposi’s sarcoma.  This beam energy penetrates only the top surface layer of the skin.  Therefore, treatment avoids the deeper tissues which reduces scarring.  This is particularly important when treating regions around and near the face.

Possible Side Effects

You may have little or no side effects from radiation therapy and be able to keep up your normal activities. Side effects are limited to the part of your body that receives radiation. Skin changes such as redness, dryness or itching are common side effects and are temporary. You may lose your hair in the area treated which can be permanent.



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